Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK Download For Mobile

How to Get Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Mobile APK Download (Android and iOS)

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Mobile Apk

For us, the 90s kids, Dragon Ball Z has been in our life since the very childhood as the original anime series was on TV a lot when we were growing up. Most of us probably can remember the day when we got a gift of a copy of Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate battle 22, or more popularly known as, UB22, from our parents or somebody else. There you can get Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Apk Download to play the game on Android and iOS.

The extravagant colors and detailed combat were an eye-opener for us, and the game was successful in imprinting its wonderful experience in our childhood memory. Today in this short brief, we are going to talk about the newest version of this popular series, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, which got released just last week on 17 th January, so stay with us to know some exciting things about this irresistible game.

But before we start, you can download the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Mobile APK for both Android and iOS if you haven’t done that yet, following the link given at the end of this article. Yes, the developer released the mobile versions for both major smartphone platforms of this game along with its usual PC, Xbox, and Playstation avatars at the same time. And the best news is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Mobile APK is completely free for a limited time as IGN wants to gauge the fan’s reaction for their first attempt as a mobile version for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot before they put a price on it, probably from the next update which is due very soon.

Get Download Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK For Android and iOS

download now

Press the download now and get access  to the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Mobile APK download page. It can choose which game you want to get download either Android or iOS. After that, download the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Apk and install it to get play as mobile game.

Is this is a multiplayer game?

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is a single-player game, period. We still see a lot of people in the forums and other places wonder whether there’s a multiplayer option in this game. To make it clear once again, no, it is a single-player story, and if that’s not what you’re looking for – this game is probably not for you.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK Download

Gameplay review:

Now moving on to the actual gameplay review, it does feel like a game that once you beat it, you’re done with it. Obviously, we weren’t able to finish it yet as we just got it like three days ago, but we are not sure there’s a lot in the way of replay-ability if you want to play. From our experience of playing this game for the last three days continuously on our flagship Android device, we can tell that it was able to impress us by its epic graphics quality, butter-smooth performance, and immersive experience.

However, our game feel is kind of Mixed Bag as there is so much in this game that has disappointed us, and also so much that has surprised us in a really good way. Also as we showed above, download the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Mobile Apk and play the game in your mobile devices. A lot of our expectations were just completely wrong in different places. For instance, we want to talk a bit about the RPG part of this game. You fight, you get XP, then you level up and become stronger, which allows you to fight stronger enemies – basically, this is the whole game in a nutshell.

So technically this game is an RPG I want to make that very clear at the same time it also feels like a fake RPG in a way because this game inflates the XP you get during story missions to the point where grinding for XP is completely useless. And, being an RPG, the difficulty mostly comes from how under-leveled you are.

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